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Advanced features

Dr. Alison M. Gordon, trained with her father for 18 months to become proficient with patients presenting with symptomatic traumatic brain injury (aka PTS, depression, anxiety, migraines, poor libido, poor memory, mood disorders and cognitive impairment).

Using the Office Assistant, it now takes 15 minutes to enter the patient’s information and generate a comprehensive report including laboratory interpretations with diagnoses, comments, and recommendations for additional services or labs, interactions with present major medications and hormones, and then recommends treatment.

Although the Office Assistant has been beta tested on over 2000 cases, it is an educational tool whose results still requires your review, approval and signature. This program does not replace your medical acumen, but does provide sound educational directions for your ultimate treatment of patients.*

Accessibility with Security

Cloud-based application with at-rest data encryption, and two-factor authentication

Multiple Laboratories

Preloaded with the latest laboratory values for Access Medical Laboratories, Quest Labs, and LabCorp


Add your own Lab Values, and ICD-10 Codes

Multiple Users

Supports multiple user logins, for all individuals at your facility.


Three Simple Steps to get started. Generate your first report in minutes.

  • Patient Health Information Step - 01

    Track previous and current Medications, Supplements and ICD-10 codes.

  • Lab Test Results Step - 02

    Intuitive interface provides immediate diagnosis and treatment. Lab ranges are pre-configured for your selected lab.

  • Generate Report Step - 03

    Produce a printable report and create a treatment plan.

About Us

Since 2004, the Millennium Health Centers, Inc., has been at the forefront of clinical research based upon the overwhelming number of peer-reviewed articles identifying neuroinflammation and neurosteroid deficiencies as root causes for cognitive and emotional decline associated with traumatic brain injury. Dr. Mark L. Gordon has pioneered the clinical application of this science taking it from the bench to the office in what is referred to as Translational Medicine.

Over these years, thousands of articles have been reviewed and compiled in the process of developing a grouping of analytical algorithms to interpret the results of the primary bio-marker panel developed by the Millennium specifically to address cases of brain trauma. The usual time required for a healthcare provider to proficiently learn these algorithms is about 18 months. This led to the development of the Millennium-TBI Office Assistant, an educational program designed to help build skills in the interpretation of the laboratory results that leads to the design of a treatment protocol.

Incorporated into this cloud-based program is a machine learning technology or Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will assess the algorithms for optimal accuracy and may suggest improvements. This on-going process is based upon data received from all case entries into the system while maintaining the highest level of HIPPA compliance. The ultimate goal of this program is to decrease the learning curve from years to minutes.


Dr. Mark L. Gordon


Dr. Gordon has completed and passed his first session at MIT Sloan School of Management in the area of Artificiial Intelligence in Healthcare. He is presently in a program to get fully certified in order to provide the most cuttin-edge approaches to support the Millennium's TBI Office Assistant.

Plans & Pricing

Save an additional 10% on yearly plans. Entprise plans available upon request.

BONUS: Healthcare providers that are certified by the Millennium Health Centers, Inc., in TBI Medicine, will be provided in addition to their annual license subscription, a fully activated listing at our primary website TBIHelpNow.org. This listing can generate thousands of referrals throughout the Millennium TBI Network especially after a visit to a supporter such as Joe Rogan’s Podcast.

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